You’re Invited…Clearing The Air: An Institute for Policy and Advocacy – Virtual Series

In light of the ongoing pandemic and other proposed conferences in 2022, the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation will offer a series of virtual Clearing The Air (CTA) sessions to our partners, colleagues and collaborators.

What to Expect

Each session will last an hour, with an additional 30 minute, non-recorded “after show” option to stay on the call for further brainstorming and questions/answers. Sessions will focus on a specific issue or topic, including current campaigns, emerging issues, organizing tools, resources, and strategies honed over the years or from recent campaign experiences, all designed to help the movement continue to make progress and to maintain the gain. The first few session topics have been selected; however, we are open to your suggestions for future topics that would be helpful to you, your partners, and your grassroots constituents.

This second series of webinars will kick off with NJ campaign updates. Future webinars will focus on hot topics and current campaigns of interest for information, inspiration, and sharing lessons learned from other states, localities and/or Tribes. The goal is to provide a learning experience to help us close gaps in smokefree protections and to maintain the gains we have made to protect worker and public health.

You must register in advance, and registration may be limited. 

Real-time participation is free of charge. Sessions may be recorded and made available for a fee. Please contact Lyan Pernala if your organization would like to help support these important learning and training sessions.

Clearing the Air Institute is the only tobacco control conference focused on smokefree air and gaps in protections, and features specific information on smokefree workplaces, secondhand smoke and e-cigarette aerosol, multi-unit housing, marijuana, casinos, menthol and flavors, colleges, and more.

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